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Brass "Nuks" Shot

WWE Raw Deal » Maneuvers » Strikes » Brass "Nuks" Shot



Strike: Foreign Object / Reversal: High Risk / Heel
If played by William Regal, this card is -3F.
As a reversal, reverse any High Risk maneuver and end your opponent's turn.
When this card is in your Ring area, your cards with the word "punch" in the title, as well as your cards titled Haymaker and European Uppercut, are +2D and cannot be reversed from your opponent's Arsenal.
F: 3	D: 5 
"He's got the power of the punch, J.R.!" - Jerry "The King" Lawler



Condition Edition Price In Stock  
NM Original $0.49 0
NM Survivor Series 3 $0.74 0
NM Survivor Series 2 $0.74 3


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Brass "Nuks" Shot
Survivor Series 3 FOILS: NM, Original $2.49 x 3
Survivor Series 3 FOILS: Played, Original $1.99 x 2

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