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A No Show

A No Show

NM, Original, limit 25
$7.00  / $8.75  credit
Played, Original, limit 18
$5.25  / $6.56  credit
Damaged, Original, limit 9
$3.50  / $4.38  credit
  • Description

    Pre-match Event

    Search your Arsenal for 2 cards, put them under this card, and shuffle your Arsenal. 

    At the end of your opponent’s Pre-match phase, reveal the cards under this card, put any Heel cards with different titles into your hand and remove any other cards from the game. Then put this card into your Backlash deck and then play 1 non-Active non-unique Pre-match Event. 

    ¶ (Restricted Modification Symbol)



    F: 0 D: 0