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Chandra Nalaar

Chandra Nalaar

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  • Description

    Chandra Nalaar is probably the most straightforward of planeswalkers. She has 3 abilities that are directly spells in Magic: the Gathering.

    Weighing in at 5 mana and 6 starting loyalty, she is a meaty one. If left unchecked, she will definitely ultimate your opponent’s side of the board and usually win the game. If there was an opposing planeswalker, 10 damage would have probably been redirected to him/her. Also, 10 damage will usually whipe the other side of the battlefield most of the time.

    A lot of times, you will find yourself charging up some loyalty by chipping away at your opponent’s life total and then unloading some burn on his creatures then recharging and waiting for another burn-worthy creature to appear. She has killed many a Baneslayer Angels . Sometimes, your opponent will drop the angel on you and red being a color that doesn’t have THAT many 5 damage burn spells, will be in legitimate trouble. However, when you drop this bad girl… she kills the Baneslayer and still has 1 loyalty left to be able to ramp up some loyalty and kill more stuff. Definetely controls the board well, almost better than any other planeswalker. Her later incarnations have been somewhat worse at doing that in exchange for fancier red abilities.

    A lot of times, you will find yourself wishing the –X ability could hit players. Unfortunately, that would straight up be a blaze ability on a planeswalker. A little TOO powerful when your planeswalker is a 5 mana 6 damage burn spell to the dome. She is also really good at soaking up damage from smaller creatures all the while pinging your opponent for 1 each turn.

    She has been reprinted 3 times at least, thus her monetary value is sooo low that pretty much anyone should have 4 at this point. Great planeswalker for teaching people how they work. Also, for those trying to get a ‘pimped out’ version: she was redrawn in the Japanese version of the Jace vs. Chandra Duel deck. Chandra is also great in any red-based EDH deck as she will whipe the board or at very least kill something sizeable (ie:  Primeval Titan) . She basically gives you lots of range in a color that has very little of it late game. Look for her to probably be reprinted again in a Commander or Planechase-style deck in the near future. I know I will be.

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