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4 specifics: 
1Unforgiven112Christy Superstar Card
1Unforgiven115Check Out My Spread
1Unforgiven116Christy’s Twist
1Unforgiven117Redheaded Sparkplug
3 rares: 
1SS379Iron Will TB
1SS3626Ankle Lock TB
1SS3627No Chance in Hell TB
24 uncommons: 
1Armageddon44I Gotta Say, Out of Play
2Armageddon55Volley This!
1Armageddon57Great Power Brawl TB
2SS370Elbow to the Face
1SS371Hold the Phone!
1SS372There Are Two Things You Can Do… 
1SS374Overshot Your Mark
2SS378Reach for the Ropes
2SS393I’ve Got a Nice … Bottom
2SS394Chained Heat
1SS395Roll Out of the Ring
1SS396Backed by Stephanie McMahon
3SS397Offer Handshake TB
2Unforgiven28Headlock Takedown TB
2Unforgiven56Spot Adjustment
30 commons: 
1Armageddon48Hmmmm… Don’t Think Too Hard
3SS36Girly Punch
3SS345Modified Clutch Onto Opponent
2SS362Step Aside
2SS363Escape Move
2SS365Over Sell Maneuver
1SS366Clumsy Opponent
2SS390Battling the Voices TB
2Unforgiven1Counter Slash
3Unforgiven7Girly Slap
2Unforgiven40Side Headlock
2Unforgiven55Lift a Boot TB
3Unforgiven59Viva Las Divas
2Unforgiven63Not Yet TB



Condition Edition Price In Stock  
NM Original $14.99 1


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