My Hero Academia: Crimson Rampage

Added promos, Victory and Judge Promos to Universus My Hero Academia: Crimson Rampage

Secret Lair Singles

More Secret Lair singles added from the Stree Fighter Super Drop

Street Fighter, Lil' Walkers, Introducing Kaito Shizuki, Special Guest: Yuko Shimizu , Shades Not Included, Pictures of the Floating World, Kamigawa: the Manga: the Cards


Introducing: Kaito Shizuki

Introducing: Kaito Shizuki

Tides of Vengeance restock

Added quite a few new cards fro the UFS: Red Horizon Tides of Vengeance expansion

Cowboy Bebop FULL Art promos

Added some more UFS: Cowboy Bebop FULL ART character promos to inventory

Added Dominaria United Arena Pack Codes

Added to category MTG Arena Pack Codes (max 1 code redeemable per account)

Magic Bundles/Lots

Magic: the Gathering Assorted Lands bundles

Magic: the Gathering Assorted FOIL bundles

Magic: the Gathering Assorted Commons/Uncommons Bundles

Magic: the Gathering Assorted Rares/Mythics bundles

Yu-Gi-Oh! Bundles

Add YuGi-Oh! Common/Rares and Super/Ultra Rares Bundles/Lots

World of Warcraft TCG bundles of cmmons/uncommons

Added Bundles of World of Warcraft TCG of 10 assorted commons/uncommons to inventory

UFS: 10 random common/uncommon lot

Added UFS: 10 random common/uncommon lot to inventory for those looking to sample so cards from the Universal Fighting System game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of the Elements

Adding Power of the Elements singles soon!